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La maison de Winthrop (Maine)

It would seem that our most valuable ministry in Winthrop is our religious presence to the parishioners of St. Michael parish and the people of Winthrop. It seems it is more important to witness who we are and not only what we do. Here are a few things that we actually do. Sr. Juanita at her ripe age of 92 is very concerned about ecology and taking care of Mother Earth. She also does Social Justice Advocacy.
Sr. Carol works part-time in parish ministry that involves Faith Formation for the children of St. Francis Church, Christian Initiation for Adults and Children, and is involved with marriage annulments in the parish. She is also the Spiritual Assistant for a regional group of Secular Franciscans in the area.
Maison de Winthrop
Sisters Juanita and Carol

La maison de Worcester (Massachusets), Jones Street

Hospice  Ministry, Sr Jane Oliver

After my Mom died, I went on Sabbatical. There, I made a discernment of my next ministry.  Through Mom, God showed me my gifts that can be well used in service with those persons living with a terminal illness, and are in need of extra support and care. I am a Certified Nurse Assistant/ Home Health Aide… a direct caregiver. I take care of the person’s personal care. However, it goes beyond that.  This ministry goes beyond physical care. It is all about PRESENCE. The quality of my presence speaks loudly. I care for the person, but, it is their whole milieu involved, environment, family members, etc.. I respond to the need for family member involved… just having a cup of tea with them means so much. For me, this ministry is to be a companion on this Sacred journey they are on. And I am privileged to be allowed to walk with them on their journey/ passage towards end of life.

Maison de Worcester - Jones Street
Sister Jane OLIVER


Ministry Adrienne lamoureux

The first work of the day is organizing bookkeeping: paying bills, filling receipts, and preparing deposits, and completing monthly reports.

As a member of a group I assemble quilt squares to donate, to be assembled and given away or raffled. Knitting hats, scarfs, blankets and dish clothes to give to whoever needs them. Watercolor painting is very interesting and a relaxing pass time, and the paintings make nice gifts for family and friends.

My second ad-vocation is providing music at liturgical celebrations for the elderly residents who live in a nursing  home.

Lamoureux Adrienne

La maison de Worcester (Massachusets), Coburn Avenue

Rena Mae’s ministry

Sr. Rena Mae Gagnon teaches English as a Second Language to Adults (ESL) at the Marie Anne Center.

She is also responsible to coordinate the speakers for the Advent and Lenten Prayer Program at the Marie Anne Center.

She chairs the Social Justice & Peace Committee at the parish. 

Sr. Rena also helps a refugee family by taking them to their medical and dental appointments; preparing their special needs child for first communion; helping the young daughter and her cousin to learn to knit and crochet as well as to cook and bake .


Sr. Hilda Chasse does sewing for Abby’s House Thrift Shop, proceeds of sales help women and children in need housed at Abby’s House.

She receives food and clothing donations which she forwards to needy families and the parish’s food pantry.

Weekly she gets milk donation from Abby’s surplus and takes it to a large refugee family in the parish.

Sister Hilda has a telephone ministry to the sick and lonely.

Maison de Worcester - Coburn Avenue

La maison de Worcester (Massachusets), Renew Worcester

Maison de Worcester

Irma GENDREAU’s ministry :

In March 2016, Irma moved from Dupont Street in Worcester to Highland House on Suburban Rd in an Independent Living Facility which was sold to Renew Worcester in October, 2021.  This property is now called Renew Worcester.

Since 2016, after retiring from PRH (Personality and Human Relationships), Irma has continued her ministry as a Personal Growth Educator through individual helping relationships and support groups.

In 2016, she joined the staff at Blessed Sacrament Parish as a Spiritual Growth Educator:

  • Bringing communion to persons living at Renew Worcester.
  • Facilitating a Centering Prayer group which consists of 20 minutes of silent prayer and a period of sharing on the Contemplative Path,
  • Facilitating a sharing group for the following Sunday Gospel,
  • Is a weekly lector at daily Mass.

Since 2007, she has been part of the formation program for the Permanent Deacons of the Diocese of Worcester giving workshops and retreats.  She continues with spiritual direction to those who require it.

In the community, she is formation director for the Associates of the community.  During the pandemic, they had to suspend their activities, but they are gradually resuming meetings through the internet.

In her pastime, Irma visits elderly persons who are shut-in as well as those who are in nursing homes. True to the charism of the community, helping people who are in need of emotional and spiritual support has been her passion in life. 

Retreat given to permanent deacons of the Diocese of Worcester
Irma and workshop participants
Irma and Associates of Worcester
Mary Ann Cicio, Irma Gendreau, Rose Gallagher, Denise Miller, Ruth KimballDSCN0305